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Owner / Designer / Email Marketing / Client Manager

Chris spent the past two decades of his life deeply involved in a family owned storage shed business where he developed a marketing program centered around internet sales. The skills Chris learned about what makes a website work is the basis from which E-Impact Marketing was launched.


Add-Word Specialist / Designer / Client Manager

Mustafa came to Lancaster with his family in September of 2014 after they spent seven years with in Kenya. His roots go to the country of Somalia which he and his family fled due to a family tragedy and the ongoing conflict there. Read more about his family in the Lancaster Newspaper feature story.


Developer / Branding

Eric has had design and marketing in his blood since he was a youngster. He did his first design project at age 15 and then went on to work for Rosewood Marketing for seven years where he did website development among a host of other things. From there he joined Schweb Design before joining our company in 2016. When not designing a website, he is at home with his family of seven children.


Student / Project Assistant

Hassan joined our team in 2017. First, he began studying marketing and web design through a local nonprofit organization Coolidge Academy. Hassan was born in a refugee camp in Ethiopia and came to Lancaster in 2015. We’re excited about what Hassan will bring to E-Impact Marketing as he continues to grow in his marketing skills!

Marketing and Web Design

We are a company focused on helping smaller and even struggling businesses succeed online. Our purpose is to serve companies with an affordable monthly budget and with that budget improve ROI.

E-Impact Marketing of Lancaster, PA offers a unique approach to web design for your business. First, we focus on a few clients and seek to offer them a marketing plan that works. Rather than building dozens of website per E-Impact Web Designer, we aim to serve 3 to 5 clients per team of two employees. Secondly, we major on Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the engine that makes a website work. So we take that very seriously. The entire site is built around getting noticed in the search engine. And thirdly, E-Impact strives to see lives impacted at the same time your business is impacted. We do that by working with refugees who have come to Lancaster and training them in web design and marketing. Read on to discover more about our company..

Our History

E-Impact Marketing started in January 2015 in Chris Stoltzfus’ basement in the southern part of Lancaster City. Chris started with himself and one newly arrived refugee namely Mustafa Nuur. The following spring the business moved into one of Sheds Unlimited sheds in Chris’ backyard. The business kept growing as clients were added the following year. In the spring of 2016 the company moved to a different area of the neighborhood, into a bigger building. This new facility is big enough for 6-10 employees. The E-Impact Marketing Team is excited about the growth they anticipate the next few years. They hope to employ a few more refugees as well as Americans.

Our Philosophy

E-Impact Marketing is a company that is committed to “Impacting Lives while Impacting Business.” We do that by working with newly arrived refugees from Somali, Iraq and Sudan and providing them training, business mentoring and marketing skills that will benefit your company and improve their lives. Hundreds of refugees come to Lancaster, PA every year having escaped lives of terror and war. They come to begin a new life and with high hopes. But many soon realize that life in American is a difficult experience. At E-Impact Marketing, we are committed to working the resettlement agencies in Lancaster and with newly arrived refugees to give them an opportunity while helping your business.

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